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Monday, August 25, 2008

Adult sex shop

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Rules of anal sex

You should use condoms always and it doesn’t matter that you are lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual and so on, if you are going to make anal sex.

Any sex device which you are going to insert inside of your or another anus should be not only clean but also lubricated well.

Human’s anus has fanciful curve and your partner should know which stimulated pints bring you pleasure. It means that you should discuss with him the sexual positions and angles which are better to stimulate the anus.

The positions which are used for anal sex are similar with the positions which are used for vaginal stimulation.

Take out easily all devices which are inserted inside of the anus, including the penis.

All adult devices which were used for anal stimulation can’t be used for vaginal stimulation, if after that you don’t wash them with water and soap. Moreover, ascertain that your nails are formal cut and there aren’t mud under them.

People, who often practice anal sex, should do periodically tests for venereal disease.

And, because many people think that for this time never will happen to him, rarely consult the doctor and moreover, they never say to the doctor that they practice anal sex.

Perhaps, it will be easy if the doctor will ask as usual “Do you practice anal sex?” But, it’s probable that the person will not respond sincerely.

Never practice anal sex if you know that your anus has some health problem.

Don’t practice anal sex if that distresses you. If you have some doubts, consult the doctors immediately.