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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Asian Invasion

Scene 1 - Mya. Mya is the attractive girl found on the DVD cover. She has a great looking face and body. In this scene we find her with Marco Duato. They don't spend much time getting to know each, as they jump right into sex. Marco fucks her and she looks good in the position. The action features several oral interludes, which are also pretty hot. Mya sucks like a pro. It's only too bad there weren't more oral bits! The action ends with a nice facial. Overall a good scene. - Rob Randell.

Scene 2 - Gianna. Gianna is the attractive babe found on the DVD cover. We find her sunbathing topless. Mr. Pete finds her and they get hot and heavy. Before you know it she's sucking his cock. The oral action is pretty heated. Gianna looked good in the act. It's too bad the oral sex didn't last longer. Next they have sex and this sexy Asian hottie looks great getting fucked. The action ends with the popshot on Gianna's chest. - Ron Randell

Scene 3 - Wan. Wan is a very cute looking girl with a nice body. She joins with Bob and Guy, who take her back to their hotel room for a little sex. The oral sex in this scene is fairly decent. There were a few points that I really enjoyed, which were the close-ups of Wan's cute face with a cock in her mouth. Unfortunately, the majority of the relatively short blow job wasn't presented in that manner. The sex is also fairly exciting. If anything, the action seems a little slow, but watching Wan get double stuffed is definitely enjoyable. - Rob Randall

Scene 4 - Cherry. Another fairly uninventive scene. We find Cherry on the beach with Guy and they have sex. The action opens with her sucking his cock. This skinny babe does decent with the act. The sex is better than the previous scenes, but not by a whole lot. It is also the only scene that has anal sex. - Ron Randall.

Scene 5 - Pla. After a lovely ride on the water, Guy and Frank take Pla, a fairly attractive girl, back to their room for some fairly tame sex. The action opens with a lot of oral sex, female to male and male to female. The blow job isn't very entertaining, but Pla definitely did a better job than some of the other girls in this feature. The sex in this scene as the two guys taking turns. It provides some remotely entertaining action.