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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

DVD with sex games

3D porno games

Genre: Erotic games

Platform: Windows XP/ME/2000/98/

File size: 32mb

Famous porno star, Jenna Jameson has acted in personalized 3D porno games, in the principal role.

This 3D simulator has permitted to operate with all realistic sex models.

Models were created very quality and also their animations are very realistic. Diverse position of these models, it is possible to examine during of games.

For aesthetes are accessible diverse sex toys, for example: vibrators, handcuffs and other sex toys. Collections are very considerable.

This game is special, because gamer can regards scene below any angle. Gamer can do that when he approximates, deletes or free moves position of view.

In the games act models of the following actresses: Jenna Jemisson (2 models), Ashton Moore, Jesse Cappelli, Krystal Steal, Lee McKenzie, Masumi Max.

This is personalized 3D porno game with Jenna Jameson playing the leading role. This 3Dstimulator allows you to control realistic sex modeling all the game characters!

Models are of high quality as well as their movements. It is possible to learn different positions from this game.

For aesthetes different sex toys are available, vibrators, handcuffs and other. The assortment is very large.

Game is remarkable because gamer may examine the scene from any angle, approaching, moving away and easily moving the field of view.

In the game besides standard models there are also models of the following actresses: Jenna Jemisson (2 models), Ashton Moore, Jesse Cappelli, Krystal Steal, Lee McKenzie, Masumi Max.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Modern Kama Sutra DVD

Modern Kamasutra (Video encyclopedia of sex)

* Type: DVD
* Packaging: DVD box
* Type-Standart 4:3 (1.33:1)
* Sound tracks: Russian Dolby Digital 5.1, Russian Dolby Digital
* 2 parts
* in 2006, 1 hr. 30 min.
* Russia


Training videos for those who love and enjoy each other!

This erotica dvd - film will open to you secrets of sexual games and positions because of a Kiss, magic water, the magic touch, and more, that make you love multifaceted and inspiring, but whether you days or years.

If you and your partner have already been get accustomed stage and ready for an offensive moment of proximity, Kamasutra helps you relax and open for a host of new, beautiful, sensual pleasure.

It would force aside concerns and anxiety surrounding world, and will strengthen the attraction exacerbate feelings of all; open up new roads for the most intimate desires and fantasies scalding.

Make it your own, set fire candles, and start to follow the excellent bodies our heroes. Try to repeat it! Love one another! Grant joy and pleasure!

1. in anticipation of the meeting
2. Love Nest
3. The beauty of nudity

4. Magic water
5. Prelude sex

6. Erotic Massage
7. Oral sex

8. Sex toys
9. Contraception

10. Sex Positions: man-top-side position, a man “at the rear position”, "sitting" is a woman on top.

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