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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Guide to Sex Toys

DVD – sex toys guide

DVD – sex toys guide

As you know, sex toys stand very popular in whole world. But, when you decide to buy sex toys at online sex shop you don’t know which sex toys are the best or which sex toy will well for you.

According to many online sex shops, there are a great variety of sex toys that are good both for men and women.

That’s why author July Ashton's decide to write DVD – sex toys guide. Here, she explains in details all sex toys’ functionalities. This guide contain materials where it is explained how you should use sex toys at maximum.

Moreover, here you will find which sex toys are well for couple and how you can enhance your sexual life. The author explain functionality of sex toys as: dildos, vibrator, anal toys, clitoral vibrators and other erotic sex toys for her and for him. You will ask: “Why a DVD and not a book?”. I will answer – because, here July and her friends demonstrate in explicit details the usage of adult sex toys.

In addition, she explains how you can use sex toys inside and outside of the house. This DVD runs 100 minutes and there is a practical sex toys guide as for beginners as for experienced couples too.

DVD contains some topics like:

- Selecting toys

- Toys for women and men

- Remote control toys

- Anal toys

- Juli's favorite toys.