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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bound to Satisfy / Erotic Dreams / Sex Prisoners/ The dominator (4 movies on one)

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What erotic dreams say about?

Fantasies, such as dreams, reflect the world of our desires and fears. Their meaning isn’t so “codified” as the content of dreams, but you shouldn’t perceive them definitely word by word, especially when referring to fantasies.

It’s unnecessary to embody them, but in the same way you shouldn’t ignore them. Erotic fantasies could become the main key to understanding and solution of many real problems.

Victim of violence

The most popular personage of female erotic fantasies – a strange man who takes advantage of her. These fantasies don’t mind that the woman is disposed to masochism and she dreams to become a victim of sexual violence.

Perhaps, it’s a lack of sexual activity in behaviors of a loved man. Maybe, there isn’t only sexual dissatisfaction, but also could be her daily problems and to take the initiative even in intimate relationships.

She sees not a strange person in her fantasies, but her suppressed male power and resoluteness of her sexual partner, with whom she dreams to “get to know each other closely”.

Generally, the men can have the same erotic fantasies, but the image of a woman who violates him, has another meaning. Maybe, he is frustrated about the fact that the woman doesn’t manifest interest in their sexual relationship. Probably, he is satisfied physically, but she lets him have her every time when he wants.

But, she lets him have her with such demonstrative pleasure that makes him feel like a beggar, just begging. Such woman’s behavior brings him not to doubt only her love but also in his own manhood. Though, she could have her motives. Maybe, she is pissed of with the “on duty sex” and procedure which happens day by day.