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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Great Sex During Pregnancy DVD and Sex Toy Kit

Product Description:

· Nina Hartley's Guide to Great Sex During Pregnancy DVD lets you explore the sexual unknown

· Sex ed DVD includes three vibrators to spice up your love life

· Instructional video and sex toys provide what you need to realize your fantasies

Friday, December 12, 2008

Barely Legal 75

The most memorable Barely Legal ever. Six hot scenes, including an all-girl poolside orgy and behind-the-scenes footage.

The Barely Legal Yearbook bonus disc includes "The Birth of a Phenomenon" documentary and eight extra scenes featuring current stars before they were famous.

I always avoided the Barely Legal DVD because I thought they would have a creepy feel to them, older guys trying to have sex with women that look like teens.

I've received lots of these for review and just put them aside. I tossed them so quickly, I didn't even realize that they're currently directed by a woman. After seeing a trailer of this one, I thought I'd give it shot.

Besides, these days I'm trying to broaden my pornography horizons and I hope that you, my lovely reader, will join me as well.

Disc 1 contains 5 heterosexual, vanilla style sex scenes containing cunnilingus, fellatio, fingering and vaginal intercourse.

There's some interesting positions and beautiful locations. 1 scene gets a little rougher with the sex and blow job, otherwise, it's vanilla. There's the final scene, a 6 girl orgy, lots of oral and toys.

Disc 2 contains a very heartfelt documentary and tribute to creator, Clive McLeon, by stars in the industry and 8 bonus scenes featuring "One Hit Wonders" and current stars before they were famous.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Last Kunoichi

The feature begins with an awfully bloody and violent torture routine, but (in a rare move for Hentai) it’s a man inflicting torture on another man.

As is often the case with man-on-man torture, the man being tortured apparently knows something about something but won’t tell.

The brief torture scene is followed by an equally brief sex scene, which is also not terribly well explained at the outset, other than that the (very un-ninjalike) woman is Ayame, and the man is someone named Master Toshimoru.

What follows this is 20-some-odd minutes of a confusing and violent, but relatively enjoyable romp through what we have to assume is some kind of struggle for local power a few hundred years ago in Japan.

The man who was being tortured at the beginning eventually gives in and tells tale of some sort of conspiracy, though who exactly was involved and what exactly they were conspiring to do remained a mystery. (Not for the sake of drama but because we couldn’t follow the plot.)

Near the end, Master Toshimoru, whose role in this thing was clearly important even though we never quite figured out what it was, says "In these confusing, violent times, do moral ends justify the means?

Those things we've done, those things we've trying to do. (sic)" Then he stabs himself, and one of the ninja babes beheads him. Alas (…poor Yorick…) Ayame was looking on, grabs his severed head, and sings a song to it. Good times.

The dialogue was delivered relatively well by the English voice cast, especially considering that the script consisted almost entirely of lines like “This is unmistakably Kamiyata Motozuki, vassal of Toza.” Only to later realize that no, it was Yakimoru Takashiki, vassal of Minoru, or whatever. Also, the mouths kept going when the dialogue stopped. Nitpicking, we know, but it lends an amateurish air to the production.

The animation is very good, the motion is clean and fluid, EXCEPT during the sex scenes, which could be considered a problem, what with this being Hentai and all.

But the characters all look good (especially the ninja babes) and the backgrounds are sometimes quite stunning.

As for the sex scenes themselves, there were plenty of them, but most weren’t all that hot. The sex between Ayame and Master Toshimoru was well acted, but the animation was repetitive, and there’s a really goofy-looking tongue-kiss scene. Aside from that, there’s a scene where one of the ninja babes (other than Ayame, we weren’t sure which was which) gets taken advantage of by some kind of monstrous samurai guy with grayish skin, and another scene where Ayame can’t remember the information she got from Master Toshimoru, so her ninja boss has sex with her so that she can remember. Neat trick. Given that the DVD’s menu has an option to go “straight to sex” these scenes were relatively disappointing.

Also worth noting is the bonus feature, a cute little 20-minute mostly lesbian thing called “Mini Skirt Baby” about an all-girls volleyball team, which was quite enjoyable.

Overall, The Last Kunoichi tries to pack about two hours worth of plot into a 30-minute feature, with about a third of THAT taken up by sex scenes, and any attempts to follow the storyline as it was unfolding proved pointless, but once it was over we sorta had some idea of what had happened.

Still, it was entertaining, and the ninja babes DID kick an awful lot of ass, and one of them even bit off a bad guy’s dick. Bonus points for that. Overall, three and a half out of five.

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's A Secretary Thing!

Featuring Shyla Stylez! Patrick Collins proudly presents, It's a Secretary Thing, a collection of stunning superstars dressed up as seductive secretaries.

Watch the curvaceous Shyla Stylez, alongside Jenaveve Jolie, Karlie Montana, Carli Banks, Ashley Blue, Evie Delatosso, and Jamie Lamore.

It's a Secretary Thing is a depiction of fantasy role-playing at its best. In an industry that is over saturated with unoriginal couch sex, Patrick Collins focuses on creative scenarios, chemistry between performers and real female orgasms. His movies are unlike anything else in porn.


I was expecting to see some naughty secretaries go wild in the work place, and have some hot hardcore sex.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Anatomy of Sex DVD

As one young couple settles down to start a family, learn how biological and evolutionary forces conspire to keep the human race running.

Our bodies work in specific, subtle ways for one reason only: making more humans. Travel inside the body to see what happens to both men and women when attraction occurs and when orgasm finally ensures the possibility of replicating ourselves.

Learn why humans are one of only 3% of all mammal species that require both a male and a female for care giving.

And discover the evolutionary significance behind the fact that humans mate front to front – when all other species prefer front to back.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bavarian Sex Comedy Collection DVD Features

This 2 DVD set is a must-have for collectors of vintage erotica.

The BAVARIAN SEX COMEDY COLLECTION contains the most hilarious examples of German adult comedy including the never-before released on DVD, BOTTOM'S UP. The films included in this set are; RUN, VIRGIN, RUN, INN OF 1000 SINS, BOTTOMS UP and I LIKE THE GIRLS WHO DO.

Source: Koch Entertainment Distribution

Region 1
2-Disc Set
Full Frame -
(Unspecified) - German, English
Additional Product:
Collectible Booklet - Full Color Liner Notes Booklet


3. INN OF 1,000 SINS

Additional Release Material:
Trailers -
1. RUN, VIRGIN, RUN Radio Spots
2. Secret Key Trailer Vault

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stacy Valentine XXX Adult DVD

As you know, the women like to love by hears and the men by the eyes.

So, let's shopping some adult DVD and arouse your sexual life.

Young girls and their sex toys

It isn’t a secret that playful girls search spicy amusements.

The girls are made of many delights. They have the shape of candies, cakes and other possible sweets.

Cross fancywork. Read love-story novels. Gasps of love, sighs in the moonlight. Yes, there were girls like these! Now, there aren’t any toys on their mind.

Only male genitals and dildos made of rubber and with nozzles and electrical and the most important thing – there are alive and natural! And as longer and thicker they are - the better they are.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Adult sex shop

Don't be embarrassed by shopping adult sex toys from sex shop.

Let's visiting it and select the best seller sex toys like: rabbit vibrators, dildos, vibrating sex toys, adult DVD and so on.

Go ahead!

Rules of anal sex

You should use condoms always and it doesn’t matter that you are lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual and so on, if you are going to make anal sex.

Any sex device which you are going to insert inside of your or another anus should be not only clean but also lubricated well.

Human’s anus has fanciful curve and your partner should know which stimulated pints bring you pleasure. It means that you should discuss with him the sexual positions and angles which are better to stimulate the anus.

The positions which are used for anal sex are similar with the positions which are used for vaginal stimulation.

Take out easily all devices which are inserted inside of the anus, including the penis.

All adult devices which were used for anal stimulation can’t be used for vaginal stimulation, if after that you don’t wash them with water and soap. Moreover, ascertain that your nails are formal cut and there aren’t mud under them.

People, who often practice anal sex, should do periodically tests for venereal disease.

And, because many people think that for this time never will happen to him, rarely consult the doctor and moreover, they never say to the doctor that they practice anal sex.

Perhaps, it will be easy if the doctor will ask as usual “Do you practice anal sex?” But, it’s probable that the person will not respond sincerely.

Never practice anal sex if you know that your anus has some health problem.

Don’t practice anal sex if that distresses you. If you have some doubts, consult the doctors immediately.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bound to Satisfy / Erotic Dreams / Sex Prisoners/ The dominator (4 movies on one)

Buy adult DVD in order to enhance your sexual life.

What erotic dreams say about?

Fantasies, such as dreams, reflect the world of our desires and fears. Their meaning isn’t so “codified” as the content of dreams, but you shouldn’t perceive them definitely word by word, especially when referring to fantasies.

It’s unnecessary to embody them, but in the same way you shouldn’t ignore them. Erotic fantasies could become the main key to understanding and solution of many real problems.

Victim of violence

The most popular personage of female erotic fantasies – a strange man who takes advantage of her. These fantasies don’t mind that the woman is disposed to masochism and she dreams to become a victim of sexual violence.

Perhaps, it’s a lack of sexual activity in behaviors of a loved man. Maybe, there isn’t only sexual dissatisfaction, but also could be her daily problems and to take the initiative even in intimate relationships.

She sees not a strange person in her fantasies, but her suppressed male power and resoluteness of her sexual partner, with whom she dreams to “get to know each other closely”.

Generally, the men can have the same erotic fantasies, but the image of a woman who violates him, has another meaning. Maybe, he is frustrated about the fact that the woman doesn’t manifest interest in their sexual relationship. Probably, he is satisfied physically, but she lets him have her every time when he wants.

But, she lets him have her with such demonstrative pleasure that makes him feel like a beggar, just begging. Such woman’s behavior brings him not to doubt only her love but also in his own manhood. Though, she could have her motives. Maybe, she is pissed of with the “on duty sex” and procedure which happens day by day.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Gay

DVD "Sex Toys"

Sex Toys, starting with the inventions of ancient priestess of love and ending with modern assortment of “sex shops”, have always attracted people.

DVD “Sex Toys” tells about erotic devices, accessories for foreplays, sexy lingerie, intimate haircuts, and perfumes with pheromone.

Here, you can find a piece of advice in case that you decide to buy sex toys or supplementary information about sex toys.

In the category “Look as a weapon” you will find information about how you can change your look in a seductive sex-bomb or irresistible macho. Category “Effect amplifier” offers you information about different personal lubricants, prolongation lubes and stimulators.

Category “Hygiene and secure” provides us some protection methods, spermicidal lubes and sexual cosmetics.

If you are ready to try new bold experiments, want to experience something new, understand your own pleasure and do your sexual life differently and deliciously – this DVD is for you!

It isn’t recommended for persons who have more then 18 years. This program was tested by special expertise.

Particularity of this product:

- Revelation about sex toys;

- Secrets about pleasure prolongation;

- Sensual photos and video

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Guide to Sex Toys

DVD – sex toys guide

DVD – sex toys guide

As you know, sex toys stand very popular in whole world. But, when you decide to buy sex toys at online sex shop you don’t know which sex toys are the best or which sex toy will well for you.

According to many online sex shops, there are a great variety of sex toys that are good both for men and women.

That’s why author July Ashton's decide to write DVD – sex toys guide. Here, she explains in details all sex toys’ functionalities. This guide contain materials where it is explained how you should use sex toys at maximum.

Moreover, here you will find which sex toys are well for couple and how you can enhance your sexual life. The author explain functionality of sex toys as: dildos, vibrator, anal toys, clitoral vibrators and other erotic sex toys for her and for him. You will ask: “Why a DVD and not a book?”. I will answer – because, here July and her friends demonstrate in explicit details the usage of adult sex toys.

In addition, she explains how you can use sex toys inside and outside of the house. This DVD runs 100 minutes and there is a practical sex toys guide as for beginners as for experienced couples too.

DVD contains some topics like:

- Selecting toys

- Toys for women and men

- Remote control toys

- Anal toys

- Juli's favorite toys.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Amateur Angels 6 DVD Original

Amateur Angels 12(lesbian love) - erotic film

Amateur Angels 12(lesbian love) – there is an Adam and Eve production.

This erotica film is directed by Luc Wilder. The film describes 6 women in different ways. Widespread 2 porn actors act in this erotic film as: Evan Stone and Bully Glide. All women have natural breasts and they look very hot.

In first scene of the film we can see Betty Sue in a very hot scene of masturbation. This is the first porn role for her but she plays well. Other porn actresses in this porn film look and act well.

We can see amazing scenes during of the entire film. More than that, Billy Glide who play male role feel flat. I like really this actor, because he is natural.

He plays in many scenes of the film, but he plays them differently always. All porn actors look sexy and very erotic. You will find this film agreeable.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pirates - Porn DVD

Adult Movie

Three young attractive men (2 girls and one guy) accidentally met in reception room of famous healer. They heard that she can cure of all sexual and spiritual illnesses. Each of them came with their problems and hoped of recovery. In some sort of way, they got what they wanted! And all situations were solved with the help of sex toys - secret instruments of love.

Simulators, sexdolls, sexy lingerie, adult DVD, technical devices and various nozzles – all these sex toys and many other not only permitted them to solve their problems, but also sex toys diversified considerably their sexual life.

Watch our movie and you will receive a lot of natural pleasures and also you will learn with practice how you should use correctly sex toys.

Make happy your partner and yourself.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sex Toys in Sex Shop

Perfect sex toys in Saint Valentine for you and your second half

At the present, words “sex toys” or “sex shop” are not vulgar or incorrect words but on the contrary have strongly went down in lexicon of modern human. This point is confirmed by heavy growth of sex toys products. Important place in this industry have realistic vaginas, sex dolls and masturbators which imitate human feelings very well. Now, we can observe how it changes people's opinions about various sex toys products and society transition to better comprehension of sex toys products.

Specialists say about importance and benefit of many devices which are offered on special market places. In fact, sex shop isn’t object of ridicules but the most attended shop, because sex toys products are of great demand.

Our sex shop offers only certified and qualitative sex toy products what guaranties possibility to make safety sex. Large assortment of exciting devices and personal lubricants, sex dolls, vibrators, anal and clitoral stimulators, massagers, erotic lingerie and perfumes with pheromone. All this sex toys products can help not only to enrich and diversify your sexual life but also to receive more pleasures.

With help of sex toys you can increase personal pleasures from sex and also evoke unlimited sexual attraction of your partner. Believe me, after any purchase in sex shop your romantic meeting will be unforgettable. Correctly selected sex toy can be an original gift for your friends. Sex Toys also can be perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your sexual partner.

Don’t miss the moment and make an erotic present for them. More than that, many couples safe their families after buying sex toys at online sex shops. Adult products are able to eliminate feelings of sexual inferiority or even they can cure some sexual disorders. We take care of our customers and guaranty for you total privacy. Becoming Regular Customer of our sex shop, you will be surprised with our adult products, Valentine’s Day gifts, agreeable prices, discounted coupons, fast delivery at any time convenient for you. Don’t indulge yourself.

If your intimate life appears to be boring and monotonous you should change something. Sex Toys will bring you diversity which can help you to revive your intimate relations and help to escape from annoying similarity.

Vast range of adult sex toys can be a perfect antidote for daily routine work in which sexual life usually transforms. You can choose perfect sex toys for Valentine’s Days gifts for your partner and with help of them you will make your sexual life better and with more pleasures.

Rabbit Vibrator is a perfect device with vibrating engine and they are popular with women, but it can be very good for men who want make anal sex or who want stimulate other erogenous zones.

In our sex toys store are vibrators with various types, colors and functionality which satisfy every customer and party sex toys.

Dildos – Do you want play with phallus as with sex toy that looks like a real penis? This device it is for you! Dildo doesn’t have any vibrating components inside but can help with penetration both women and men. Possibly, you want to try them with perfect seat belt to play and change roles? Go ahead! Dildos have tones of applied devices.

Lubes and massage creams – are perfect sexual assistants during the sexual intercourse with your partner.

Lubricants – integral part of anal sex but massage lubricants make massage easier and tender.

Erotic lingerie - it is the most sexual lingerie from the most popular manufactures, which help you to seduce your partner and drive him crazy with desire!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Do you use a sex toys?

Advice for a better sex

Swim! - replacing sockets included in the hair dryer, wetted sliders and wooden stop at the candles, wine and aromatic foam can be wanderer relax in the bath with a girlfriend. The ancient Chinese were told that the water is able to transmit thoughts and energies of people to each other. And certainly with respect to deepen contact...

The whole day in bed-highest point hedonism. The problem is only in the fact that anyone of you two (well, not you the same!) Have to stand still to warm meal and pulled him into bed.

Swears-dirty during sex are very fashionable: America and Europe already does use fool language in their bedrooms. Start never too late, but is not an easy blatantly expressed in the mother tongue, while avoiding offensive tone for the ladies.

Sado - Somewhere inside you sleeping man, rapist and villain. In issuing he visits. Beat girl optional, but if it is not opposed, though do look, if without a trace refuses to join with you in intimate relationships. A pair of apartment communities and stormy finale ensured.